iOS, android, & hybrid mobile app development

Unlock maximum value for your customers with high-quality mobile applications that help improve your business processes, and compete with the industry’s finest.


By 2022 annual mobile app downloads are projected to reach 258 billion

Businesses like yours need to bank on this asset, now more than ever. Whether you are planning to launch a new app, or improve an existing one, our skilled mobile experts work with you to design, develop, & scale successful digital apps for your customers.

Build your competitive advantage through mobile solutions

Use the right tools and methodologies to develop quality products that address market needs and align with your business objectives to deliver maximum ROI.

Launch new products & services

Take new MVPs and services to market with apps that account for more than 90% online time on smartphones

Collect and process valuable data

Leverage data to craft exceptional user experiences, efficiently tailored to their likes and preferences

Boost engagement & loyalty

Avail features like push notifications to send out relevant marketing messages to boost customer retention

Sell your product with greater ease

Use next-gen mobile solutions to sell better to over 2.14 billion (expected) global digital buyers in 2022

We follow a simple four-step process for a successful MVP delivery.


Define a project vision and have a complete tech consultation to deliver the latest, high-quality & most optimized solutions.


Analyze business requirements, make architectural decisions & craft elegant UI/UX designs to build a working prototype.


Maintain strong standards for quality control and create highly engaging mobile applications for native and hybrid platforms.


To ensure client satisfaction, deploy the designed application and maintain it with 24/7 maintenance and support.


We understand that a product is never fully done. Continuous iterations are essential to enhance product experience and retain users. 

As users’ behaviors shift with the rapidly evolving industry trends, your products need to be built on future-proof, robust technologies that help you keep pace with what’s next. We stand by your side in your product development journey, solve technology challenges with continuous iterations and never stop the process. 

Build apps tailored for your business needs

Speed up mobile app development using the right technologies and best coding practices that ensure your apps are of excellent quality, high-performing, and intuitive.


Create purpose-built iOS applications with a future-centric approach using languages like Swift or Objective-C


Harness maximum potential of Android platform & accelerate the performance of custom apps written in Java or Kotlin


Leverage ‘one-code-fits-all’ functionality & reduce development costs with hybrid apps built in Flutter or React-Native


Develop a sound software architecture for your apps that marry business logic with tech expertise to deliver robust APIs and SDKs.

Leading businesses around the world have adopted mobile development to stay ahead in the game. In 2019, there were more than 209 billion app downloads. This shows how mobile apps have become a vital part of people’s lives. Businesses need to bank on this asset, now more than ever. This means, they need to be very careful about which company they choose to help them develop an app. 


An app for your business will impact people’s lives. It will make life easier for them, and generate good revenues for you. Therefore, it needs to be created with utmost precision, care and an unmatched expertise built through years of experience in the field. The most efficient way to develop an app is by hiring an outsourcing partner that understands your needs and custom-builds a mobile solution for you. 


An outsourced mobile development partner is a long-term investment in your business, and can help with the development of complex applications. You get skilled mobile engineers, designers, and project managers that work together to deliver successful apps for your business. An outsourcing partner is all about less management hassle, high productivity, efficiency, and high quality of output. The project manager will keep you up-to-date about the team’s progress and achievements with regular sync-ups.

It’s essential that you choose the right mobile development company to create your apps. Depending on your project requirements and product state, you might need some additional services before you begin with app development. You need to be sure your tech partner provides such services, e.g. a discovery workshop, so your app creation process goes smoothly. 

The most important step is to validate your idea. Whether you are creating your app from scratch, or are just improving an existing app, our mobile development experts and key stakeholders will join hands to evaluate if your idea is practical, scalable and sustainable.

Our technology experts with a collective experience in decades will sit together to devise a technical solution to your business problem. They lay down all possible solutions and help you converge on the best one, with respect to security, implementation and business growth. 

UI/UX design is the next important step in creating the app. Our design experts help you develop wireframes and create a fully functional prototype to give you a complete idea of what your final product will look like, before you begin development. At this stage you can suggest changes or make any improvements to grasp your idea with perfection.

Finally, we help you create a blueprint that documents the market research, complete discovery process, and maps out the future roadmap of the project. From beginning to end, our focus is on taking development and quality assurance side by side, and optimizing and securing the backend with the help of our DevOps experts. 

Mobile businesses place customers at the heart of user experience and product offerings. That’s why it’s essential to have highly customized mobile apps that drive user engagement and retention. A custom-built application can offer highly personalized experience to the users and target specific user-bases. TheTrisun can be your next mobile development partner and help you create custom mobile apps with flawless UX designs and intuitive user flows. 

Custom mobile applications help you sell better, convert leads faster, improve customer retention and are tailored to your business requirements. Since they are built specifically for you, they are highly scalable and can support unique features and functionalities otherwise unavailable in off-the-shelf applications. This makes custom mobile applications a perfect choice for your business transformation. 

We are a team of 300+ high-performing full-stack software developers, UI/UX designers, quality assurance engineers, business analysts and marketers. When working with TheTrisun, you don’t get just a few best-matched resources for your project. You get the knowledge and skills of over 300 experts, accumulated over the course of 8 years.

We work together to help you build custom mobile solutions for iOS, Android and Hybrid platforms that solve real-world business challenges. Our combined skillset is a recipe for bringing top-quality products and services to market.

FAQs about mobile app development

Not sure how mobile experts can bring the value to your business? Check out some of the most common questions asked by the clients.

That’s easy. We use a lean startup approach to app development at TheTrisun. This means that the MVP of your app can be ready to go to market within 4 to 6 months. However, this time duration may vary depending on the nature, scope, and complexity of your project.

Let’s be honest – it’s impossible to put a fixed price on the development of a mobile app. It will vary greatly based on the number of resources required to execute the project, the development duration, and the scope and complexity.

Considering iOS and Android, both, are dominating the market at this time, you’ll want to develop the app in both, ultimately. If that’s the case, we ideally suggest going for a cross-platform mobile application. But if you want to go for one, in the beginning, you’ll have to conduct serious market research and see what kind of user-base you want. Then, you can make an informed decision.